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Discover local events and drink specials while earning taxi credits to get you home safely.
Our mission is to deter drunk driving by making rides home cheaper.

How it works

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Discover Deals and Events

Discover where to get drink specials or what events to attend tonight, tomorrow, or the coming weekend.

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Earn Uber Credits

Each ad earns you Uber points that can be cashed in on your next ride. Earn big points by sharing an ad on facebook!

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Split the Ride and the Cost

Enter your final destination ahead of time or on the go and we will match you with other ride seeking peers to save up to 50% on your ride home.

GetMeHome partners with local neighborhood bars to promote their happy hours and give users exclusive discounts and benefits. We stretch your nightlife dollars by getting you that tasty craft beer at half price or skipping the cover at your favorite club! GetMeHome also gets the word out about upcoming events, special activities, or live music going on in your city. Users can quickly see the information they care about by choosing deals or events and whether they are searching for today, tomorrow, or the weekend. Only relevant information that streamlines you to a great night! One more thing… connect your Uber account and earn Uber credits for each ad viewed!

Companies win big when you post their bar or event to hundreds of friends on social media. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for this? Let your friends know of an interesting deal or event via social media and simultaneously earn big points deposited right into your uber account for sharing. It’s that easy.

It’s no surprise ride sharing has become an overnight global phenomenon with its cost slashing benefits and social appeal. Unfortunately most cities are not big enough to have Uber pool like services yet. GetMeHome finds this to be a shame and provides a completely free platform to users for those who want to enter their destination information and find a match to split those expensive taxi rides with. Just enter your destination and how long until you depart and wait for the matches to pour in.

We know sharing a ride can be a bit intimate, which is why we incorporate a user rating system, gender preference option, and user profile photos. Choose which match best suites you based on the user and/or the journey, message them, and coordinate the pickup details. Quick, simple, and friendly way to save big bucks on your ride to or from the destination.

Our mission

getMeHome is an app that connects users directly to bars and local events via ad-sharing; and connects users to their peers for ride-sharing. Our aim is to reduce drunk-driving by providing a streamlined beginning-to-end user experience that facilitates an increased use of safe alternatives (i.e. taxi and Uber). We accomplish this by providing users with relevant content, implementing gamification strategies, and encouraging social media sharing with friends.

About us

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Project Launch & USA Expansion
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PR & US Market Acquisition
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Design Specialist & Global Expansion
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Technology & Market Acquisition

Launched in July 2016, getMeHome began at a Startify7 academy in Thessaloniki, Greece by a multi-cultural team of four students hailing from three different countries. After winning first place in the academy they were invited to participate in the e-unlimited Brussels Bootcamp competition. There getMehome was able to secure the first prize--an invitation to Dusseldorf, Germany to present in the European Venture Summit--with the ultimate goal of securing funding to make the getMeHome dream a reality.

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